BACK PAIN??? - Here is what you can do!!!!

Guys, usually I don’t write this long article but this post needed the length and depth keeping the importance and priority in mind, so please spare few minutes to read full.

BACK PAIN, the most common complaint or suffering that I hear as a Physiotherapist and a Pilates instructor. When we get diagnosed or think that we have back pain, most of the time we get to hear WHAT NOT TO DO BUT HARDLY HEAR WHAT TO DO, to get rid of this depressing condition!! Today let’s see, what back pain is and what to do when this pierces into your life. The same goes for your NECK PAIN TOO.


KNEE ARTHRITIS??? Does this term mean STOP EXERCISING??? Absolutely not!!!! This term simply means knee pain. This doesn’t mean you always have to reduce exercise or physical activity or even stop sitting down on floor.

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