KNEE ARTHRITIS??? Does this term mean STOP EXERCISING??? Absolutely not!!!! This term simply means knee pain. This doesn’t mean you always have to reduce exercise or physical activity or even stop sitting down on floor.
You can say “my x-Rays say so!!!” Arthritis (mild, moderate), wear and tear, degeneration are just some of the terms given to describe x-Ray results. These findings can be in large majority just a normal findings and not something to be concerned about, much like your grey hair and wrinkles! 
Remember guys, Knee loves impact or you can say they are made to take impact. They need weight and impact to stay healthy. You can take up low impact exercise like swimming, floor exercises or my favorite and my recommendation PILATES.
If your knee pain is bad or inflamed then consult your Physiotherapist for a good rehab which can get you going and back to what you want to do or achieve! 
You can also get some advice on appropriate footwear (including shock absorbing properties), bracing/taping/joint supports or insoles in conjunction to your core treatments. So all this comes down to  IF YOU DON’T USE IT THEN YOU LOSE IT!!!

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